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Just so I could avoid spamming my art blog with boring stuff. Picture unrelated for it's awesome not boring.
FR blog of Fujoshi, #19826


Alright. I accidentally deleted this once before, after head desking multiple times, here it is again. ene
After sharing my ideas about dominance revamp last week, I thought I’d share the other ideas I had floating around my head. This time imma explore dragon stats via breeding, player versus player coliseum and tournaments. More under the cut!


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Heraldic Flight Rising Dragon Adopts: Imperial

Base and a custom (Carlos)

I got basically every other species sketched. Those adopts lack pre-made markings other than tertiary/secondary colour division. Keep an eye on my flight rising blog to see when those will be up for sale! Estimated price is 100k. Custom markings/skins/accents are possible, but I will not do items. Watermarking so I can spread those on my galleries.

Xuu #5019

These are amazing! Reblogging for reference!♥